Misc Boats, G11

Miscellaneous boats at the G11 Gathering of Glen-L Boatbuilders in 2017 included several Glen-L designs. There was a Squirt miniature runabout named Fastidiots, an Amp Eater electric launch named Aquatron, a Malahini 16-foot outboard runabout named Me Ol’ China, a Sea Knight 17-foot outboard cruiser, a Flats Flyer fishing boat, and an 11-foot outboard Utility… Continue Reading →

Glen-L Tahoe

The Glen-L Tahoe was designed by Ken Hankinson. This particular Tahoe, Innocence, is a 23-foot, triple-cockpit runabout. G11 Glen-L Boatbuilders Gathering, 2017.

Bartender 24

24-foot Bartender double-ended cruiser, Frances Lauren, powered by a 115hp Yamaha outboard motor mounted in a well. G11 Glen-L Boatbuilders Gathering, 2017.

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